What Kind of Feel Will I Like in a Custom Comfort Mattress?

What Kind of Feel Will I Like in a Custom Comfort Mattress?

TipsWell that sounds interesting, but it’s something we think of and don’t necessarily know how to convey or ask help with. Bottom line, with all the terminology of different types of support categories and construction features, sometimes it’s hard for us to get to a starting point in selecting a new custom comfort mattress. For example, what mattress type do I need if I enjoy a firm mattress and sleep mostly on my side?

Custom Comfort Mattress Categories and Terms

Looking at the categories and terms or variances of these terms, there are some common phrases that appear on almost every website and in every mattress store; they are: Firm, Plush, Cushion, Pillow Top, Foam, Latex and Euro.

While Firm is what it implies, a combination like Cushion Firm or Pillow Top Firm provides an additional layer of typically quilted or foam construction to conform to your body with additional support and comfort. Additionally a Plush is also what it implies as a soft sleeping surface where an Ultra Plush is even softer and deeper. There are also other constructions and types like Latex and different types of Foam, providing a “memory” type support as it cradles your body within it rather than conforming over a bed of coils.

Depending upon how you like to sleep, as a general rule, some categories work better than others. For example, someone who sleeps on their back may do better on a firmer type where all over support provides more comfort, whereas someone who sleeps on their stomach may want more of a comfort layer to help support the lumbar so that the arch is not stressed while sleeping. For the person who sleeps mostly on their side, a combination of semi-firm (for support) but also cushion to relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips work best. Additionally, this may work better for the person who rolls around a bit, sleeping on the combination of back, stomach and side. However; the combination may also be the body trying to get comfortable and the right mattress may eventually help such a person settle into a more favored position.

Spinal Care and the Custom Comfort Mattress Selector

Spinal Care Bedding has broken down these categories for you. The mattress selector feature on their website helps you visually sort out bed types by using categories of Soft, Plush, Firm, or Extra Firm. It also gives you essential information to understand the difference of each mattress so you can quickly compare and shop.

So whether you are someone who sleeps on their side, back or stomach you now know what to look for a better night sleep. And remember, within these recommend mattress types, the core should always be firm and high quality with the only variation being the custom comfort mattress layers be it foam, cotton, latex, or memory foam.

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