What Is The Best Mattress Coil System To Choose?

What Is The Best Mattress Coil System To Choose?

When you’ve determined you’re in the market for a new bed, the question of what is the best mattress can be as complex if you’re unsure on which bed construction best suits your body. Generally, there are two types to look at; coils and foam. If you’re interested in learning more about foam, click here to check out our other article entitled, “Best Memory Foam Mattress, Tell me more about Foams.” However this article as you probably guessed by the title is about coils.

Getting started, there are a few terms you should be familiar with that describe the type of coil. They are tempered and gauge. Although not that technical, a tempered coil basically has been heat treated (heated and cooled several times) to strengthen the durability and shape of the coil. This is important because it protects your bed from the thousands of times you’ll be getting in and out and moving around your bed. If not tempered, you may risk broken springs over time. Coil gauge is the thickness of the coil. A common thicker size would be about 12.5 gauge which would give you a much firmer feel, whereas a higher number like 15.5 will give you a more softer feel because it’s not as thick.


What Is The Best Mattress Coil Construction

verticoilAfter you’ve determined what is the best mattress store (meaning price, products, especially Spinal Care mattresses and proximity) you’re now ready to check out some inventory. You may hear several types of coil construction terms; however, they all really break down into a couple of types. Spinal Care uses the offset or hourglass and the pocketed.

Offset or hourglass coils are actually quieter because of the way they are constructed. With a hinge-like rounded top and bottom, each coil is designed to transfer weight while sleeping meanwhile supporting the contours of your body.

Pocketed coils are a bit more expensive to construct because each coil is packed in its own pocket and then packaged overall, thus giving you a more steady feel as your during sleep, or the movement of the person next to you is greatly reduced.

Why Do Coils Determine What Is The Best Mattress?

Did You Know?
That 68% of consumers prefer innerspring mattresses when it comes to intimacy? Did you know that innerspring mattresses are cooler by 40%; and disperse heat 28% better than foam? It’s no wonder that innerspring or coil mattresses are the best selling sleep surface in the industry.

Take some time and sit, lay and really feel each mattress. Ask and find the ones that are pocketed or offset and discover what your preference is. You’ll see that Spinal Care mattresses are the top of the line and that they are just what you’re looking for when wondering what is the best mattress for you.

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