Memory Foam Mattress Quick Overview | Part 2

Memory Foam Mattress Quick Overview | Part 2

Where Did a Memory Foam Mattress come From?

VISCO-GEL-MEMORY-FOAMEver wonder where the memory foam mattress actually came from? Memory foam or it was once called “temper foam” was originally designed to improve safety on aircraft cushions. But much like many new innovations, this foam and it’s new spring back quality could and would be used for so much more. As memory foam grew in popularity, it became common in use in medical applications and then finally brought over to the bed and mattress world.

Originally, memory foam retained body heat so successfully that as it developed into new generations, other properties like gel memory foam comprised of visco foam were introduced which also assisted the mattresses signature “slow spring back” to speed up thus creating a more cooler and comfortable surface.

Memory Foam Mattress Use

Today a single piece memory foam mattress is as common as it’s use within the construction of several layers in others. Either way memory foam has been associated with a better and deeper sleep due to its heat retention, minimization of movement and nominal pressure on joints and has been prescribed commonly to people who suffer from joint, back and neck pain.

Also, since memory foam’s density is measured by weight per cubic foot, anything over 5 or so lbs will be far too dense to be comfortable and less than 4lbs to be less likely to last. So in between is the right spot for both comfort and durability. So when shopping, these are good numbers to remember.

Spinal Care and the Memory Foam Mattress

There are different types of memory foam mattress available, varying in softness or hardness, its response to temperature and how long it lasts. And depending upon what you need, how long you want it for and where you live, you can find a variety of memory foams readily available for your mattress. Spinal Care factors all of these properties, creating for you the perfect memory foam mattress for your situation.

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