Mattress Box Spring – The Mysterious Coil

Mattress Box Spring – The Mysterious Coil

Mattress spring seal with blue fabric before assemble inside the mattress

Think back to the last time you went shopping for a bed. You passed your hand over its top, feeling the texture, you then softly sat on it getting a feel for the firmness and depending upon how it felt, you dared to lay down, even closing your eyes for a minute – imagining a new night’s comfortable sleep. We all do it and, for good or bad, it’s pretty much our only guide other than price in purchasing.

However, is that enough? How long will this bed feel like this? And, when will I start to hear that all too familiar sound of mattress box springs popping as I climb into bed? Consider the “mysterious coil.” What is it? Why does it seem to change over time? And how do I know what coil is the best for my body or how long it will last?

Not your Ordinary Mattress Box Spring

Spinal Care Bedding features top brand coils like LFK in the construction of all of their beds. In fact it’s one of the reasons they have such a great reputation in long-term use. LFK offers one of the top innerspring systems available, its offset design not only provides longevity with wear and tear through its smaller diameter design over a greater surface: you also get a greater sensitivity to your body contours with no sag and greater flexibility and support. LFK coils also come in a variety of wire diameters, coil counts, and even heights – all to suit the full complement of Spinal Care bedding sizes.

Other coils systems in the construction are Bonnell, Verticoil, and Pocketed Coil; providing long-lasting, unparalleled comfort and support. Each of these have reliable long-lasting construction and a different type of response to how your body is supported.

Mattress Box Spring Construction

While coils are vastly different than foam, Spinal Care Bedding constructs all their support construction with the best possible coils available. No more rolling around and readjusting on popping, poking and worn out mattress box spring coils. You can now have the perfect rest you need at night because of the right kind of coil support.

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