Looking for a Plush Mattress? Let’s Talk About Quilting

Looking for a Plush Mattress? Let’s Talk About Quilting

bodypedic-quantum-pillow-top5While there’s not a whole lot of information dedicated to a plush mattress, specifically the quilting layer, Spinal Care Bedding has put much thought into its construction. Much like the “Mysterious Coil” it’s a vital part of the bed’s structure. The quilting layer is the first component your body touches on your bed as it enhances the feel and type of a plush mattress making it additionally firmer or softer. The smaller the quilt or thickness, the firmer the feel and likewise, the larger the quilt pattern or thickness, the softer.

Plush Mattress Materials in Quilting

The materials quilted into the top panel can be made of several material types as it adds thickness and softness if needed, to the additional comfort layer. Materials can range from different types of foam to various types of natural or synthetic fibers. These materials are engineered to work in harmony with the mattress itself and serve different purposes.

Foam products such as memory foam, latex foam, or polyurethane foam can add additional support, thermal regulation and even protection to the mattress. Using foam in this layer enhances or accentuates the feel of the bed overall as it retains its shape or readjusts to your body much more efficiently than fiber because it relieves joint and lumbar pressure by spreading weight along the entire sleeping surface.

Plush Mattress Fibers in the Quilt Layer

Fibers offer their own type of benefit depending upon its construction. Specific types of fiber offer other enhancements using materials that are both soft to the touch and typically provide cushion to more localized parts of the body. For example wool, linen, silk, and horsehair are very breathable and additionally provide a reduction in pressure.

Overall the quilting layer is an essential part of the mattress as it offers alternatives for those who want natural breathability and specific comfort or those who need overall form fitting support and temperature regulation in their mattress. Either way, when you’re ready to purchase your next mattress, look closely at your quilting layer.

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