Latex Foam Mattress Quick Overview | Part 3

Latex Foam Mattress Quick Overview | Part 3

Where Does a Latex Foam Mattress Come From?

bodypedic-quantum-pillow-top9Ever wonder where a latex foam mattress comes from or what it’s made out of? Latex is a rubber-like product produced naturally from the rubber tree plant or synthetically from by-product of Napthia and the dehydration of a substance called ethylbenzene which turns it into Styrene-Butadiene (SBR). Depending upon your preference and even your life philosophy you can choose one or the other.

Latex Foam Mattress Use

Although there may be some minor molecular inconsistencies in natural, the feel of both natural and synthetic are virtually identical. However, synthetic latex being uniform molecularly does have a longer life and is more durable. Latex being a bit more elastic while still conforming to your body which in turn reduces pressure on your muscles and in turn improves circulation.
Looking for a more natural mattress with the durability included? You can have a latex foam mattress that’s blended. The combination of the two gives you the environmental responsibility but also lasts longer, sleeps better and is cost-effective. A latex foam mattress is both versatile and amazingly comfortable.

Spinal Care and the Latex Foam Mattress

You’ll find that Spinal Care offers some great mattresses with latex foam in the construction. This is because a latex foam mattress gives you unrestricting muscle support, joint support, increased circulation and even temperature control. Additionally since it allows ease of movement, you’ll find our beds will in turn give you a much deeper and undisturbed restful sleep.

Since ordinary foams break down frequently, while poorly-constructed mattresses prevent a good night sleep, the choice is clear when it comes to finding the right mattress for you, that’s Spinal Care. A Spinal Care Latex Foam Mattress bed breathes better, responds better and lasts longer; why settle for anything less?

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