Foam Mattress Shopping, Tell me more about Foams Part 1

Foam Mattress Shopping, Tell me more about Foams Part 1

pure-support4Are you looking at the foam mattress as your preferred mattress type? Have you considered the benefits of polyurethane?

Polyurethane foam mattresses like latex foam have a huge advantage in that it does not retain the shape the body because of its resistant to body impression. What this means is unlike memory foam, this foam goes right back into place immediately. This is great for a couple reasons in that it does not succumb to fatigue and it retains the firmness you fell in love with when you purchased it. What’s more is that as you move around on it, the foam is always there to comfortably catch your body contours providing a comfortable surface that does not disturb your sleep.

In fact, since polyurethane does not compact, your mattress will be much better in retaining its comfort ability over time as other mattresses using synthetic materials do.

Foam Mattress Selections

One thing you’ll need to be aware of when selecting the right foam is choosing the right density. With polyurethane, more support and durability is found in the higher density range; just as a softer and less firmness in support will be found in a lesser density.

Spinal Care includes polyurethane in just about every model. This allows for more diversity, selection and choices for you overall and have several lines to fit any type of sleeper.

Foam Mattress is a Safe and Durable Solution

In recent surveys, it has been found that the concern of safety when it comes to the contents of mattresses or mattresses in general has grown as customers are now becoming more aware via the internet. Polyurethane are low-VOC and free from ozone -depleting CFCs.

We know that mattresses perform better when you use the right combination of support and durability, but Spinal Care goes the extra mile when it comes to comfort and safety. When you’re ready to buy, let us help you find the right foam mattress to not only fit your body, but to last over years as it should.

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