[toggle title=”Q: What are the dimensions of standard size mattresses?“]

  • Twin: 38” x 75”
  • Full: 53” x 75”
  • Queen: 60” x 80”
  • Cal King: 72” x 84”
  • King: 76” x 80”

There is a tolerance of ± 1 ½” on standard sizes based on the type of construction.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: Do you make custom-size mattresses?“]

We are always happy to create custom or special-size mattresses for various uses.
You will need to contact your local dealer
for size and model options. Please note that length and width dimensions for mattresses have a tolerance of ± 1 ½”.

Please note that while we can make just about any size you request, you may have trouble finding sheets and other bedding to fit your custom mattress. There are specialty stores that offer custom sized bedding or you can also use a flat sheet instead of a fitted sheet to fit your custom size.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: What warranty will my mattress have?“]

Our mattresses range from a 12 year to 20 year warranty and covers defects in materials and workmanship. Our warranty is not prorated, which means that we will cover 100% of the labor and material cost to repair or replace a defective mattress or box spring. Please note that losses of comfort or support over time are not covered by manufacturer warranties.  Structural damage such as loose, broken or protruding coils and wire are rare under normal usage. Over time, mattresses will wear out or your comfort preference may change, but these are not warranty defects.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: What is the recommended cleaning method for mattresses?“]

Vacuuming is the only recommended cleaning method for a mattress. If you’re determined to tackle a stain, use mild soap with cold water and apply lightly. Do not ever soak a mattress or box spring. If any water is used, let the mattress air out and dry thoroughly. Do not dry clean your mattress. The chemicals in dry cleaning agents and spot removers may be harmful to the fabric or underlying materials in your mattress. Because mattresses that are stained or in an unsanitary condition void the manufacturer’s warranty, it is recommended that you use a protective covering such as a good quality, washable mattress pad or washable waterproof mattress protector to keep your mattress fresh and free from stains and soiling.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: Can I pick up product at your factory?“]

No. We only sell on a wholesale level and do not sell directly to consumers. Please use our dealer locator for a store near you.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: How can I tell if I need a new mattress?“]

If you wake up feeling sore and/or unrested, just as tired as when you went to bed or more so or your mattress has visible wear (including sagging, depressions or body imprinting, fraying seams or worn through areas where the comfort layers, coils or foams are exposed), then it is likely time for a new mattress.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: What makes your mattresses eco-friendly?“]

Spinal Care Bedding is committed to helping preserve our planet by using eco-friendly materials when manufacturing our products. We use natural fiber textiles from quickly renewable resources, like bamboo, cotton and wool when design allows. We also use soy-based and other bio-based foams and natural rubber latex to significantly reduce the amount of petroleum we use in our mattresses.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: What type of mattress is best for a child?“]

Children need the same support and comfort as adults do in order to get healthful, restorative sleep and proper back support for their growing bodies. They require the same type of mattress that you would buy for yourself. An unsupportive mattress is not good for an adult or a child.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: What are the major differences between foam and innerspring type mattresses?“]

Choosing a foam or innerspring mattress is primarily a comfort choice. The feel is what varies the most. Both types of mattresses can give you the right support and are made with quality materials.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: What is the difference between latex and visco memory foam?“]

Natural rubber latex mattresses are environmentally friendly products made from the sap of rubber trees. Natural rubber conforms to your body and offers total body support. This relieves pressure which means you toss and turn less than on a conventional innerspring mattress. Plus, air circulates through natural rubber latex very effectively, creating a cool, comfortable sleeping surface. Natural rubber latex remains comfortable and supportive even in cold weather, never need to be flipped and can last over 20 years.

Memory foam is synthetic foam that relieves pressure points along your body, improving circulation and reducing night time movement drastically. Visco reacts to your body temperature and softens accordingly, to maintain comfort. Also, the physical properties of memory foam reduce motion transfer between you and your sleeping partner, creating a more still sleeping environment. Our visco memory foam products will last up to 20 years.[/toggle]

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