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Latex Foam Mattress Quick Overview | Part 3

Where Does a Latex Foam Mattress Come From?
Ever wonder where a latex foam mattress comes from or what it’s made out of? Latex is a rubber-like product produced naturally from the rubber tree plant or synthetically from by-product of Napthia and the dehydration of a substance called ethylbenzene which turns it into Styrene-Butadiene (SBR). Depending upon your preference and even your life philosophy you can choose one or the other.
Latex Foam Mattress Use
Although there may be some minor molecular inconsistencies in natural, the feel of both natural and synthetic are virtually identical. However, synthetic latex being uniform molecularly does have a longer life and is more durable. Latex being a bit more elastic while still conforming to your body which in turn reduces pressure on your muscles and in turn improves circulation.
Looking for a more natural mattress with the durability included? You can have a latex foam mattress that’s […]

Memory Foam Mattress Quick Overview | Part 2

Where Did a Memory Foam Mattress come From?
Ever wonder where the memory foam mattress actually came from? Memory foam or it was once called “temper foam” was originally designed to improve safety on aircraft cushions. But much like many new innovations, this foam and it’s new spring back quality could and would be used for so much more. As memory foam grew in popularity, it became common in use in medical applications and then finally brought over to the bed and mattress world.
Originally, memory foam retained body heat so successfully that as it developed into new generations, other properties like gel memory foam comprised of visco foam were introduced which also assisted the mattresses signature “slow spring back” to speed up thus creating a more cooler and comfortable surface.
Memory Foam Mattress Use
Today a single piece memory foam mattress is as common as it’s use within the construction of several […]

What Is The Best Mattress Coil System To Choose?

When you’ve determined you’re in the market for a new bed, the question of what is the best mattress can be as complex if you’re unsure on which bed construction best suits your body. Generally, there are two types to look at; coils and foam. If you’re interested in learning more about foam, click here to check out our other article entitled, “Best Memory Foam Mattress, Tell me more about Foams.” However this article as you probably guessed by the title is about coils.
Getting started, there are a few terms you should be familiar with that describe the type of coil. They are tempered and gauge. Although not that technical, a tempered coil basically has been heat treated (heated and cooled several times) to strengthen the durability and shape of the coil. This is important because it protects your bed from the thousands of times you’ll be getting in […]

Foam Mattress Shopping, Tell me more about Foams Part 1

Are you looking at the foam mattress as your preferred mattress type? Have you considered the benefits of polyurethane?
Polyurethane foam mattresses like latex foam have a huge advantage in that it does not retain the shape the body because of its resistant to body impression. What this means is unlike memory foam, this foam goes right back into place immediately. This is great for a couple reasons in that it does not succumb to fatigue and it retains the firmness you fell in love with when you purchased it. What’s more is that as you move around on it, the foam is always there to comfortably catch your body contours providing a comfortable surface that does not disturb your sleep.
In fact, since polyurethane does not compact, your mattress will be much better in retaining its comfort ability over time as other mattresses using synthetic materials do.
Foam Mattress Selections
One thing […]

Looking for a Plush Mattress? Let’s Talk About Quilting

While there’s not a whole lot of information dedicated to a plush mattress, specifically the quilting layer, Spinal Care Bedding has put much thought into its construction. Much like the “Mysterious Coil” it’s a vital part of the bed’s structure. The quilting layer is the first component your body touches on your bed as it enhances the feel and type of a plush mattress making it additionally firmer or softer. The smaller the quilt or thickness, the firmer the feel and likewise, the larger the quilt pattern or thickness, the softer.
Plush Mattress Materials in Quilting
The materials quilted into the top panel can be made of several material types as it adds thickness and softness if needed, to the additional comfort layer. Materials can range from different types of foam to various types of natural or synthetic fibers. These materials are engineered to work in harmony with the mattress itself […]

What Kind of Feel Will I Like in a Custom Comfort Mattress?

Well that sounds interesting, but it’s something we think of and don’t necessarily know how to convey or ask help with. Bottom line, with all the terminology of different types of support categories and construction features, sometimes it’s hard for us to get to a starting point in selecting a new custom comfort mattress. For example, what mattress type do I need if I enjoy a firm mattress and sleep mostly on my side?
Custom Comfort Mattress Categories and Terms
Looking at the categories and terms or variances of these terms, there are some common phrases that appear on almost every website and in every mattress store; they are: Firm, Plush, Cushion, Pillow Top, Foam, Latex and Euro.
While Firm is what it implies, a combination like Cushion Firm or Pillow Top Firm provides an additional layer of typically quilted or foam construction to conform to your body with additional support and […]

Mattress Box Spring – The Mysterious Coil

Think back to the last time you went shopping for a bed. You passed your hand over its top, feeling the texture, you then softly sat on it getting a feel for the firmness and depending upon how it felt, you dared to lay down, even closing your eyes for a minute – imagining a new night’s comfortable sleep. We all do it and, for good or bad, it’s pretty much our only guide other than price in purchasing.
However, is that enough? How long will this bed feel like this? And, when will I start to hear that all too familiar sound of mattress box springs popping as I climb into bed? Consider the “mysterious coil.” What is it? Why does it seem to change over time? And how do I know what coil is the best for my body or how long it will last?
Not your Ordinary Mattress […]

Latex: Dunlop vs Talalay

Both Dunlop and Talalay are latex and can be synthetic or natural; they are simply different manufacturing processes. Traditionally, Dunlop fell out of favor due to its inability to reach the softest feels that Talalay has accomplished since its introduction. However, today Dunlop is manufactured even in the softer ILDs and match Talalay feels at lower price points. The consumer’s personal preference should dictate which foam you prefer.
At Spinal Care Bedding, we are happy to offer you both Talalay and Dunlop in either engineered synthetic blends or 100% natural. The pros and cons of each are in the table below:

Blended Talalay:


*14 to 44 ILD for optimal feel customization
*More expensive than equivalent Dunlop

*Longest lasting foam available; 10 years or more
*No zoning throughout the mattress

*Superior support and comfort to traditional foams
*Only produced in Twin extra-long and queen sizes. Must be cut and glued to create different sizes


*Dust-mite resistant

*Mold and mildew proof

*Sleeps […]