About Us

lavender-pillow-top4Spinal Care Bedding was proudly founded in 1996 by our very own sports enthusiast after realizing the lack of choices in mattresses that address proper alignment and quality rest issues plaguing leading athletes. As a company, we quickly realized that there was a need for a quality line made for active bodies that corrects issues interrupting a restful night’s sleep, all while providing the comfort desired.

Thanks to help from leading athletes and various rockstars, looking for a permanent solution to the nightly tossing and turning they were experiencing from taking their bodies to their limits on a regular basis, we were able to study and test hundreds of combinations to address these concerns. The results provided incredible solutions to some of the most common mattress shortcomings and the combinations for getting the best sleep ever. Now available at retailers in Korea, Kuwait, California, Arizona and Nevada for anyone looking to wake up refreshed and ready to start a new day on a positive note.

At Spinal Care Bedding our focus will always be to provide superior support and alignment using cutting edge technology to maximize these results while providing the highest levels of comfort; a lower carbon footprint by using non-toxic and water-based components; and the best value for everyone to experience what these world-renown athletes and rockstars have already discovered: a Spinal Care Bedding mattress is always the best choice for a truly great night’s rest.